Join Rina for a revolutionary relationship system that radically reframes sexuality as spirituality for women who are ready to embrace and enhance their intimate connection with themselves and their partner(s). This movement brings courage, honesty, being unburdened and nurture all in one beautiful package. Physical practices, guided meditations, interactive discussions and deep relaxation techniques encourage spiritual awareness and healthy sexual connection. Gain a wealth of wisdom and support to carry this practice into your daily relationships with yourself and others. 

  • Are you looking to step into and own your unique spiritual and sexual nature? 
  • Are you searching for ways to reclaim your highest self from past experiences or societal conditioning? 
  • Are you interested in connecting with a badass tribe of like-minded ladies?

Rina’s hope is to inspire women to fearlessly love with wisdom, honor their sensuality, and thrive in intimate relationships. 

Women, Let’s Fearlessly Love
with Wisdom!

Ways to Be Part of This Reframing…

  1. Sign up for the Sattvic and Sexy Women’s Only Online Group!
  2. Sign up for Rina’s Sattvic and Sexy Online Course with over 6 hours of audio recordings, worksheets, quizzes, and more.
  3. Sign up for upcoming in-person weekend workshops with Rina at Sedona Yoga Festival: March 15, 2020
  4. Listen and Subscribe to Rina’s Podcast: Sattvic and Sexy Sundays Series under Mr. and Mrs. Yoga here.


“This movement has already helped me with my boyfriend. We are more intimate and are taking our time to be able to embrace each moment together. We have reignited our flame and are more aroused because of it. Thank you Rina.”  
– Ivette F. 

“I’m going through a divorce and I can’t help but to feel ugly and undesirable. Learning from Rina’s Sattvic and Sexy teachings helped me see that my sexuality is mine and although I’m going through pain, there’s hope for me to feel sexy again. And not base it on another person.” 
– Jessica R. 

“I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with asking for what I want out of my partner. I’ve been taught that sex is for men and that women shouldn’t feel pleasure.  But I’m ready to step out of that belief system and be empowered for myself. So grateful to have had this experience with Rina to help me see where I’ve been stuck.” 
 – Sandra P.