Life Consulting (One-on-One)

Have you tried so many different approaches to finding happiness and solving your problems, but none seem to last a long time or even work?

Sometimes an outside perspective (aka a borrowed intellect), an objective approach is needed to help nudge you in the right direction. This will create a stable, grounded launching point for future, similar challenges since we seem to get tested over and over again until we have proven we have learned our lesson and grown beyond that point.

Rina and her Life Consulting Program can help in many ways. 

“When you’re Rina prepped, you’re ready for anything.”
Rich B.


From Miami to LA to Your Heart! Rina Jakubowicz is an international bilingual yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, and best-selling author. Rina is known for her vibrant and uplifting approach to life and is officially offering her Life Consulting Services to all who seek it. Life Consulting can include a variety of goals and approaches depending on what you’re looking to enhance in your life. 

Rina will guide you through a reflective experience of external and internal observation to prepare you for whatever challenge(s) you’re encountering. Your time with her will leave you feeling more confident and inspired to work through the hardships you face at home, work, family, social life, relationships, etc. The work you do together is one-on-one so it is assessed by Rina and entirely tailored to your needs. You will not be pushed to go farther than you are willing to go. It is at your pace. 

This is your opportunity to take yourself to the next level with a world class guide and teacher. 

“Tune into your higher Self under Rina’s guidance.”
Melissa R.


Everyone seeks different guidance from Rina.
Some goals have and could include help with:

  • A relationship (with your partner, parents, siblings, boss, etc.)
  • Overcoming internal battles
  • Taking care of yourself 
  • Setting healthy boundaries with those around you (when to say “no” and “yes” appropriately)
  • Finding the perfect gift or creating the perfect event for a loved one
  • Making any dream come true 
  • Coming out to your loved ones
  • Starting a new relationship in the healthiest way
  • Getting a divorce in the most peaceful and amicable way
  • Getting a new job that is right for you
  • Finding your purpose in life
  • Getting unstuck and taking the first tiniest step towards where you want to go
  • Finding out the answer to “who am I?”
  • Feeling burned out, overwhelmed and over-stressed. 

The essence of your time with Rina is based on self-care and self-development which transcends any outer conflict and falls into two main categories of growth: building one’s intellect and setting higher ideals in your life. 

This is the absolute safest place for you to explore more about yourself. From the first moment you have an aha moment with Rina, you know you’ve made the right choice to work with her. And you’ll have many aha moments. Her warm, nonjudgmental and simple approach invites you to be yourself fully… even if for the moment you don’t know who that is yet.


Rina Jakubowicz, founder of Rina Yoga, ER Yoga and Super Yogis, has been working with others in English and Spanish for over 20 years and has been a featured yoga presenter at Wanderlust Festivals, Yoga Journal Conferences, Kripalu Center, Himalayan Institute, Omega Institute, Yogaville, Sedona Yoga Festival, Telluride Yoga Festival and Mammoth Yoga Festival. Rina is also the best selling author of “The Yoga Mind: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen Your Practice” and “Choose Peace: A Practical Guide into Consciousness.”

Rina’s sessions, while technically traditional in the Vedanta teachings she offers, are also fun-loving and non-competitive. You will learn to observe and better serve yourself and others without feeling depleted. Implementing these techniques you will feel uplifted, relaxed, ignited & ready to live your fullest life right now! Because after all, one’s fullest life is when one is serving. But first, you will learn how to serve yourself without feeling selfish or greedy.

No previous yoga or philosophy experience is needed. These sessions are open to all who are hungry to grow and learn how to be better versions of themselves.

“Feel uplifted, ignited & ready to live your fullest life right now.”
Lisa F.


  • Self-assessment
  • Assessment of others
  • Interactive Activities
  • Homefuns (homework) to continue learning between sessions
  • Book recommendations 
  • Check-in text messages between sessions
  • Quick phone calls needed for urgent matters between sessions


  • Goal Sheet
  • Action Plan
  • Depending on the goal you’re seeking, there may be other activities that may be recommended to get you closer to that goal. 

What Adult Clients Say About Rina’s Help…

“​​Rina is a rare gem in a world of rocks. I have known her for many years and my first interaction with her was as a yoga asana teacher. I practiced for many years and progressed nicely due to her instruction. I did group and private sessions. Over time I became interested in expanding my practice from the physical level to the spiritual aspect of yoga. Rina was instrumental in guiding me in my spiritual practice. She was always patient with my questions and always had good suggestions about taking new steps in the journey. Rina has a very strong intuition and shared her thoughts honestly to help clients such as myself move forward. Many times the journey is frustrating and I was tempted to give up. Rina helped me stay the course. I highly recommend her as a life consultant in the physical and spiritual yoga journey.” 

Tom P.

“I first approached Rina for some tips on how to manage a relationship, and what I have learned has been so much more than mere dating advice.  Rina has taken the time to get to know me and she has supported me through the process of assessing myself and understanding deeply who I truly am and who I truly want to become.  We have addressed everything from dating to friendships, from yoga to work, and everything in between.  Rina provides her guidance in a very positive way, with patience and love, while still holding me accountable for the action plan I have committed to for myself.  Don’t get me wrong – Rina will give you tough love when you need it – but the love part is always there and in the end I’m in a better place because of the work she’s coached me to do for myself.  She has helped me create a sense of balance and focus in my life and I no longer feel like I’m racing against the clock and always running out of time.” 

Michelle P.

“Rina played a pivotal role during the darkest and scariest time in my life. She supported me before, during, and after my husband’s death from a terminal illness.  She checked in often and sessions with her were just a text away whenever I needed her. Her spiritual and realistic guidance is invaluable.  The advice she provided prior to my husband’s celebration of life event enabled me to remain fully present. I would not have been able to do that without her.  

She provided me with skills that I apply to multiple facets of my life today. She is quick to come up with options and proposed solutions based on her spiritual knowledge and experience that have had a long lasting impact in my life. Grateful for her.

Alison M.

 You are an endless well of inspiration; a true seeker of the highest ideals, a pillar of mental strength, and yet still a child of the world managing to keep the wonder and silly fun we all lose so early in life. Though you may be small (extremely) in stature, you stand taller than a giant on the back of an enormous elephant perched upon the Himalayans. And you achieve this from the most important place. Within yourself.

 Your teacher is lucky to have you as a student. I know I can never live up to the love and dedication Swamiji receives from you. But I will try with my meager abilities and my unending well of service. That is what I have to offer as your mentee and student.

Thank you for your patience with me in teacher training and giving me the chance to redeem myself. Your grace with my faults are undeserved and I will do my best to keep myself striving to keep within that grace.”  

Jordon B.

“Ariya showed an interest during my own online Vedanta lessons. I took this as an opportunity to explore what was available for her age. I came across Super Yogis on YouTube and both my children were instantly hooked to it. I contacted Rina directly to ask if she did one and one lessons. Rina and Ariya had an initial online meeting then together embarked on a adventure of Vedanta which has been beautiful to watch. Rina is a very compassionate, calm, knowledgeable and kind person and I’m happy that she has come into our lives and is a role model for Ariya. The lessons are well planned, entertaining and engaging. The wisdom is conveyed in a fun and age appropriate way. I appreciate that Rina is there to also translate the knowledge and coach Ariya to apply it to her current life and difficulties she maybe experiencing. 

Over the past year, Ariya has grown in her knowledge of Vedanta, assertiveness and confidence. She has shown maturity in her attitude towards her education and self-development. For me, I see these sessions as Ariya developing life skills that will enable her to make life choices that are best for her journey.” 

Reena (Mother of 8-year old Client)

What Child Clients Say About Rina’s Help…

“My favorite part of Super Yogis is learning about emotions and how to let them be and control them. Rina is fun and I get to know stuff in a yogi way and Rina is very entertaining. I’m so learning so much and I look forward to my lessons with her.

I remember meeting Rina for the first time and getting to know each other and we laughed so much. My most memorable times were when she was Queen Goofy and I learned about controlling the mind and using the intellect in a fun way.  Another time was when Rina was Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter my favourite book and films. We learned about the herd and how sheep follow other sheep and how that is like the nature of the mind which follows without questioning anything. 

I now question if I really need or want something when making choices.  I sometimes use Vedanta when dealing with my Mum, Dad and Brother. Rina taught me to identify them as animals when they have emotions so when my dad/mum/brother or me are angry and behave like a bear and we can chose to walk away and calm down. 

I feel ecstatic, excited, feel like me, I feel safe, I feel silly/goofy.

Ariya (8-year old Client and Child of Mom above)

“You help me express MYSELF in a fun way. Ur very supportive, chill, and funny. You make me feel comfortable. I actually feel happy for the first time in a year and a half. I swear I woke up one morning and I felt confident and liked my body and myself and omg.”

Isabella (12-year old Client)

“Throughout my life, I have constantly questioned my purpose in this world. I went about each day anxious for the future and holding on to the past. When I felt trapped in this shell of a life I created for myself, I found Rina. She has helped me awaken my intellect by introducing me to Vedanta. She does not give me all the answers, but instead helps me find them for myself. Rina is not only a guide, but a support system and a friend. My life is forever changed with her enlightenment and these teachings.”

Jordyn (20-year old Client)