Elevate Your Yoga, Elevate Your Life! September 26 – October 5, 2024 | Corfu, Greece

Elevate Your Yoga, Elevate Your Life!

September 26, 2024 – October 5, 2024

10 Days That Will Change Your Life, Body, and Soul:
Experience the Ultimate Blend of Yoga, Adventure, and Self-Discovery With World Class Teachers Rina Jakubowicz and Eric Paskel
In Corfu, Greece

Limited Tickets! Registration Ends:

How Do You Blend Yoga, Adventure, and Self-Discovery

in One Experience?

Join an exclusive circle of yogis under the guidance of Rina Jakubowicz and Eric Paskel in the serene landscapes of Corfu, where seasoned practitioners and beginners alike will transcend their practice to achieve personal breakthroughs and unshakable inner peace.



Dive deep into immersive sessions that promise to expand your understanding of yoga beyond the mat. Engage in practices and discussions that challenge you to apply yogic principles in every facet of your life. Allow yourself to define your true life of purpose, so you can experience peace, presence, and enjoyment. 

By the end of our journey together, you won’t just deepen your practice physically and spiritually, but you’ll also carry with you a blueprint for living a more fulfilled, balanced, and enlightened life. Your takeaway will be much more than memories; it will be a renewed vision of yourself and a life aligned with your highest aspirations.

Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa Yoga Deck

In Just 10 Days, Transform Your Yoga Practice, Your Wellbeing, And Your Life Perspective & Begin Living A Life Aligned With Your True Essence


  • Personalize Your Yoga Journey Even If You’re Unsure Where to Start
  • Embrace Ancient Wisdom Without Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Cultivate Mindfulness While Engaging in Everyday Activities
  • Nurture Resilience in Your Body and Mind Even in Challenging Times
  • Elevate Your Spiritual Practice Without Hours of Meditation
  • Live Passionately and Authentically, Starting Now, Without Waiting for “Someday”


  • Enjoy Community and Connection Without Losing Your Personal Space
  • Explore the Beauty of Corfu Without Feeling Like a Tourist

The Need to Know:


September 26 – October 5, 2024


Angsana Corfu Resort and Spa, Corfu, Greece


$7,000 per person – Includes accommodation ( a double occupancy room), breakfast, dinner, yoga sessions, and more.

*Airfare and daily lunch not included.*


Spots are filling fast! Full payment required by June 15, 2024. Flexible and refundable plane tickets recommended.

Meet Your Transformative Guides:

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Rina Jakubowicz, known for her vibrant spirit and profound insight, is a celebrated yoga teacher and the visionary behind Rina Yoga. With over two decades of teaching experience, she’s renowned for her ability to make ancient yoga philosophy accessible and inspiring to all practitioners. Rina’s approach combines traditional practices with practical, life-enhancing teachings, helping students to find balance and peace in the hustle of modern life. She’s  an author and a sought-after speaker, bringing yoga’s timeless wisdom to the masses. Rina’s accolades include features in top yoga and wellness publications and leading retreats and workshops worldwide. 

Eric Paskel is celebrated for his dynamic approach to yoga, blending the physicality of practice with the depth of spiritual growth. As an international yoga teacher, individual marriage and family guide, and motivational speaker, Eric’s unique perspective enriches his classes, making them physically engaging and also deeply reflective. He’s the founder of the Emotional Empowerment Movement, has taught at festivals and conferences with Yoga Journal, Bhakti Fest, Wanderlust, and Mammoth, published multiple books, and leads teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops worldwide. His method is designed to push boundaries and inspire profound personal change. Eric’s commitment to yoga as a lifestyle is evident in his approach, encouraging students to explore beyond their perceived limits and discover their true potential. Joining him in Corfu means attending a retreat and becoming part of a movement towards greater self-awareness and community connection.



What are the dates of the retreat?

September 26-October 5, 2024.  These are arrival and departure dates. You will need to depart the US on September 25th in order to arrive on the 26th.


Do I need any special visa or documents?

You need a valid passport that does not expire within six months of travel. No other certifications required.


Is airfare and transportation to the resort included?  Where do I arrange to arrive? 

Airfare to Greece is not included in the pricing.  You will need to book airfare to Corfu, Greece (Airport code: CFU) There are many flights that connect directly from within Europe.  Upon arrival in Corfu, ground transportation to/from the resort is included. We can also connect you with a travel agent who can help with flights. 


What is included in the package pricing?

Pricing includes double occupancy room (optional upgrade for single and/or sea view), daily breakfast and dinner, yoga sessions, philosophy study, experiential exercises, relaxation, exploration, and other fun surprises.


How do I process payment? What if I can’t pay the full amount all at once?

We are experts at helping you come up with a payment plan! We have multiple avenues to accept payment, can create monthly payment structures, and often have scholarship monies available to help defray part of the cost.


I am not an experienced Yogi.  Is this retreat for me?

Of course! All you need is a sense of adventure, a willingness to learn about yourself and values for living.  We frequently have attendees that are new to yoga.


I don’t know anyone. Will I fit in?

Honestly YES! This is an ideal solo-travel opportunity.  You will make friendships and connect with others that feel the same as you. We are a welcoming, inclusive, and accepting bunch!


What if I have a conflict or get sick once I register?

We encourage (and will help) you work through any unforeseen obstacles.  We’ve all been there with graduations, family celebrations, work obligations and other concerns. Most can be resolved.  However, once you have registered, and due to the nature of our reservations with the resort, there will be no refunds issued.  You may opt to purchase travel insurance.


What does a sample day look like?

We get it! You like to be able to plan your day.  But, one of the goals of the retreat is to relax our outside daily obligations.  A typical day will include a physical yoga practice (asana) in the morning, a hearty breakfast, a group activity or time to explore/relax on your own –explore Corfu Town, go to the beach, visit the spa, etc –then, afternoon philosophy study and discussion. We will then reflect and complete goal planning exercises, have an afternoon yummy yoga practice, group dinner, and evening activities.


For any other questions or concerns, please email the ER Yoga Team at eryogaretreats@gmail.com

For a copy of our waiver, please CLICK HERE.