Holiday Locura

Que Holiday Locura!

There’s definitely a craziness that happens during the Holidays! The reasons for this locura is because of a few ingredients that happen all at once…

  1. Traveling in and of its own can be stressful with the flights, ubers, packing, luggage, accounting for all the kids, going through security and trying to find comfort once on the plane…

BUUUUT all this traveling is because of the second ingredient to the locura which is

2. Family…. We are all traveling likely to see family we haven’t seen most of the year. And we all know what happens when we see family… stress levels increase rapidly. Whether it’s because of Tia’s snide remark about your weight or just the fact that there is likely to be some unresolved business to attend to with either one of our parents or siblings.

3. The food and alcohol during the holidays is meant to continue the depression by making it all sugary and heavy comfort food with many excuses to take a few drinks in. It’s festive after all isn’t it?  So even though traveling and the family make it cray cray external stress, the food and alcohol we put into our bodies adds internal stress. They make us feel bloated also so Tia’s remark happens to be on point so you “sigh” in defeat.

4. The last ingredient to all this Holiday Locura is the pressure we give ourselves and others for the right gifts and thoughtfulness given.  We already spend tons of money on the traveling, then the money we didn’t make from not working since we went on vacation for the family and the let’s not even consider the amount of money spent on food and alcohol… oh plus the holiday outfits we had to get because we can’t wear the same things we did last year right? Because everyone remembers YOU.

It’s just so much added Holiday Locura for no reason… Why? Because here’s a tip to make sure the traveling, family, food, alcohol and pressure of gift giving doesn’t make you Loca!

The most important tip I can give you is… at least once in your life say “NO” to the traveling, family, food, alcohol and any sort of gift giving. Don’t follow the herd. Give yourself the gift of freedom from all the insanity.

Buuut I know you may say “But my mom will kill me if I don’t go.”

Firstly, she won’t kill you. You won’t die. Everything will be alright. Even if your mom is the kind of mom who constantly guilts you by saying, “Ay, you haven’t called me,” just accept that she will always have a reason to make you feel guilty so this will just add to the list. No biggie!

And it’s only one time… to start. 😉

Now, for those of you who just cannot say “no” ever then these tips are for you respectively to the list above.

  1. Keep traveling simple by creating a system for you and your family. Make lists for everyone and yourself and make sure you try to think of any scenario that could create locura for you while on your journey. For example, can you bring your own pillow, an eye cover, ear plugs, snacks for during the flights, downloaded movies, etc.
  2. Prevent confrontation with any family member by considering that everyone has their own perspectives and everyone thinks they are right (just like you) so just maybe, maybe, they are right. At least for themselves. You’ll be surprised how helpful this is when listening to family members talk about their beliefs and lives. Plus who are you to put your opinion on their lives. It’s not your life after all. Focus on you only. That helps A LOT!
  3. For food, per usual it’s literally just asking your stomach, “are you done?” and when the stomach says “we are good”, STOP eating. The feeling of being stuffed is never inspiring or healthy so be smart enough to not get yourself to that point. As for the alcohol, well, everyone has a different threshold. Me, for example, can only have a few sips and I’m sideways on the couch. So, in general, if you don’t want ANY problems in the family I wouldn’t drink at all, but that’s a tall order because we have to deal with family and drinking usually helps with that temporarily although the problem persists and perpetuates. SO, give yourself a maximum of 2 drinks per day in order to keep yourself at bay.
  4. And finally, for the presents. Honestly, create a plan to only give gifts to the little kids (and maybe those few very special people in your life) but that’s it. Mom, dad, siblings, tia’s and tio’s can get special thoughtful cards. I usually bring a puzzle to every christmas eve dinner and have everyone join in on helping out with it. It stays there for a few days after christmas too and turns into a family event. It’s affordable (maybe $25) and it’s for everyone. Practical and thoughtful because it involves everyone.

So there you go!

Now go have fun and enjoy the love that everyone carries during the Holidays so that the locura is only happy locura like dancing, laughing and singing!

Find your Happy Holiday Locura instead!

Rina Jakubowicz