Get “Schooled” Every Day!

Although this time of year is when all the kids are going back to school, as adults, our form of going “back to school” should be a daily duty. Just because we don’t get grades or graduate from certain external levels, our spiritual and internal studies can graduate from being more selfish to less selfish leading to happier moments in life. If you study every morning as the teachings suggest you’d be going to school every morning just like the kids. Unfortunately the word “school” has such a bad rap because so many kids hate going to school including when we were kids. But school should be a state of mind not a physical place. As students of life we are constantly learning and growing.

Sadly we have been conditioned to hate school and to consider learning as an annoyance instead of a necessity to develop ourselves as human beings. This is because school focuses on building our intelligence instead of building our intellects. We could all be as smart as google in terms of containing information in our brains but if we don’t know how to apply the information in different settings to make ourselves and others more peaceful and happier then we have more learning to do. So ask yourself this question: “Can I learn more to make me a better person to myself and others?”  If you can honestly raise your hand to this question then consider yourself ready to be “schooled!” Go get your book and start your studying. If you don’t know where to start with your studies, read The Fall of the Human Intellect by Swami Parthasarathy. This is True Yoga 101. Now go tell your kids, “Mama is off to school too!” Every day!


Rina Jakubowicz