Aging + Yoga + Sex = Intimacy

As I approach 40 years of being a human, I’ve learned many things about how to have a healthy sexual relationship. And it has NOTHING to do with the physical connection. It’s all mental and spiritual. After my last relationship, I decided I could only be with someone who wanted to spiritually grow and evolve. This would be the solid foundation from which our relationship could grow. We needed a similar language to be able to understand the higher goal of why we were connecting to begin with. Physically connecting is easy. Any hooker can do this because it only requires physical contact. But when we dive deeper into the teachings and practices of yoga, we know there’s more to this life than two (or more) pieces of flesh rubbing up against each other to get off. Instead, it’s the courtship of serving one another and cherishing each other with every stroke, kiss, and look. We are there to please one another and elevate together. He gets turned on when I’m turned on and I get turned on when he’s turned on instead of just looking for the result in the action – the final orgasm. It’s a playful dance of “how can I love you more right now?” If each embrace is given as a service for the other, think of how euphoric this experience would be? Now we are practicing yoga off the mat and into the bed. haha! 🙂

Ideally, you’ll get to make love with the lights on and over the sheets because being sexy comes from within.

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Rina Jakubowicz