Sneak Peak Part 3- Jnana Yoga The Path of Knowledge

The Yoga Mind: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen Your Practice

Drum Roll Pleeeease….. So, I’m sure some of you noticed but my publisher wanted to revisit the title and the design so that we get maximum everything out of it… So alas, it’s back.. the new book and the promotion to go along with it. The content is the same so those of you who already ordered the book, DO NOT WORRY. You’re all good and it’s going to arrive May 1!!! 
Whoop Whoop! Here’s the new title and cover, and the link where you can still preorder. Share the link or post with those who maybe need some help with the practice off the mat too.

And here is another sneak peak inside the book! The topic this time is Jnana Yoga (a personal favorite of mine)! It is the approach of the curious mind, people who love to ask questions and people who hunger to know more!

You can preorder here!

Namaste errry day,

Rina Jakubowicz